2012 GOP Presidential Candidate? Abortion!

1 10 2009
Barack Obama Supports... Sodomy?

God is Definitely Judging America

I had to laugh when I came across this headline under the “Religion” section of USNews.com this morning:

Abortion Debate Could Make or Break Healthcare Reform

Are you serious? Did they not get the memo that somewhere from half to 87% of private health insurance companies already cover abortion?  In fact, abortion coverage is the one aspect of current healthcare coverage that Obama is not trying to reform, but the GOP has latched onto it yet again as a tried-and-true scapegoat for all those religious Right-wingers that are already so angry at the government that they are hanging people willy-nilly for the crime of simply being a federal employee (OK… just a few angry Right-wingers did that, but still, can you imagine?).

In fact, just yesterday, I stepped onto my porch to greet the mail lady as she made her daily rounds, and our small talk was rudely interrupted by a man in a pick-up truck who seemed to be irked that she had parked her mail truck in the middle of the street.  His truck, of course, had easily slipped past hers and she had only parked there for a minute to drop off mail, but he proceeded to spew hatred at her anyway, calling her an “Idiot!” multiple times before resorting to the clever insult, “You work for the damn government!”

Sir, you live in D.C. If you have a problem with being around people who work for the government, you should probably start nesting elsewhere, know what I mean?

This healthcare issue has gotten way out of hand, and the only reasonable argument I’ve heard from the right wing is that “the American people are outraged because they don’t want health care delivered with the empathy of the IRS, the efficiency of FEMA or the mismanagement of the Post Office” (Family Research Council).  If you’re going to argue about government inefficiency, I can’t say that I entirely disagree.  But I will counter with this nugget of wisdom that Warren Buffett gave to Washington D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee as she embarked on a mission to reform the public school system:

“…the nation’s education problems would be solved if private schools were made illegal.  If everyone were in public schools… the political pressure to raise standards and improve those schools would be overpowering.”    –Washington Post Magazine

I think the same could be said about health care.  If we all committed to public health care and rid ourselves of private health insurance companies, the political pressure for a top-notch system would make it happen.

These are the issues we should be discussing… not the plan’s coverage of abortion or lack thereof.  I promise you that the public option will not enforce abortions.  You don’t have to get one if you don’t want to– for serious. I’m not even going to bother making a pro-choice argument here, because it’s so beside the point.  To get caught up on the issue of abortion, time and time again, in the debate over an issue that is SO much bigger than abortion is just really, ridiculously sad and  counterproductive.






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1 10 2009
Geof Boyle

Ashley presciently posted this to her status the other week:
Hilarious examples of red herrings and non-issues used to distract a foolish public. Special interests have learned a lot from Joseph Goebbels.

1 10 2009

Stewart skewered democrats last night for being inept losers throughout this healthcare debate. In addition to being spinless twits who couldnt find their asses with GPS and marco polo, and selling out the american public to serve insurance companies, they appropriated 50 million to abstinence only education! WTF? really?

Im sick of womens bodies and rights consistently being used as a bargaining chip for white males to play politics. this whole abortion red herring was behind a lot of the so-called blue dog dems wrangling over healthcare reform.

all in all, I cant believe how terribly lame the democrats are, and I write them almost daily about their uselessness and impotence. leave it to the dems to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

1 10 2009

personally, i’m tired of this characterization of the democrats as this well-intentioned, but inept, faction of our political system that means to do well but can’t get their shit together.they know what they’re doing.

it’s not ’selling out’ when you’ve been bought off from the beginning.

2 10 2009

Let’s talk about the real protesters in DC that matter: the people who hate circumcision. Those guys are hilarious!

9 10 2009

Here’s the deal. The Hyde Amendment is current law and prohibits taxpayer money from paying for most abortions. The current health-care reform proposals would not be constrained by the Hyde Amendment. According to several polls, the majority of Americans do not support federally funded abortion and therefore the healthcare reform, as currently written, is a problem for them. All Obama and the Dems have to do is include language that supports the Hyde Amendment in the healthcare reform and much (not all) of the opposition will fade. Up until now, the Dems have not even allowed a vote on whether to include such an amendment. Regardless of how you feel about abortion, it is hard to argue that taxpaying Americans that oppose it on moral grounds should be forced to pay for it.

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