A Tribute to High Fidelity

15 10 2009


John Cusack in High Fidelity

John Cusack in High Fidelity


I would normally argue that seeing a movie before reading the book that inspired the movie is a really terrible idea, because it ruins your imagination’s ability to visualize the characters and settings on its own.  But in the case of High Fidelity, the opposite holds true.  John Cusack so embodies the character of Rob Gordon that I don’t want to ever imagine any other face in that role.  If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, please stop reading here and do so immediately.  It’s a classic. 

For those of you who, like me, fell completely in love with Rob Gordon and his endless top 5 lists, I am creating a High Fidelity Top 5 List debate using my favorite of his lists: The Top 5 Side One, Track One songs of any album.  Here’s his list:


Rob’s Top Five Side One, Track Ones (p. 147): 

1. “Janie Jones“, The Clash, by The Clash

2. “Thunder Road“, Born to Run, by Bruce Springsteen

3. “Smells Like Teen Spirit“, Nevermind, by Nirvana

4. “Let’s Get It On“, Let’s Get It On, by Marvin Gaye

5. “Return of the Grievous Angel”, Grievous Angel, by Gram Parsons

And here’s mine:

Laura’s Top Five Side One, Track Ones

1.  “Gimmie Shelter,” Let It Bleed, Rolling Stones

2. “Girl from the North Country (with Johnny Cash),” Nashville Skyline, Bob Dylan

3. “And It Stoned Me,” Moondance, Van Morrison

4. “Everything in its Right Place,” Kid A, Radiohead

5. “Let’s Get It On,” Let’s Get It On, Marvin Gaye


Only one overlap– I couldn’t cut out Marvin Gaye, he’s a legend.  What’s on your list, fellow music nerds?




17 responses

15 10 2009

This is practically impossible. No Order can be established

1. “Boy in the Bubble”, Graceland, Paul Simon – This is my only one that’s guaranteed to be on there.

2. Many of my favorite Marley songs are #2, but “Get Up, Stand Up”, Burnin’, Bob Marley is a number 1.

3. Hip-Hop albums I love seem to have a crazy amount of “Intros” as the first track but Gangstarr’s “You Know My Steez” off of Moment of Truth is a killer 1st track. One of my favorite hip-hop songs.

4. Andrew Bird “Savoy” of Mysterious Production of Eggs was going to be next, but another damn intro ruins it. But I’ll Use “Fiery Crash” off of Armchair Apocrypha instead.

5. Operation Ivy, “Sound System” off of Energy. This could be the best punk album ever. A raw Clash rip-off maybe, but the only reason Green Day exists.

16 10 2009

damn I just realized, “knowledge” is the first track on Opivy…that didn’t seem right…but I am keeping it in the top 5.

15 10 2009

1. “Burnout,” Dookie, Green Day
2. “New Wave,” New Wave, Against Me!
3. “Garden Grove,” Sublime, Sublime
4. “My Name Is Jonas,” Weezer (Blue), Weezer
5. “Boomboxes and Dictionaries,” Sink or Swin, The Gaslight Anthem

15 10 2009

given the sheer volume of music out there, i think i’m gonna bump it up to 10. in sort-of order but not really:

the stooges – search and destroy (Raw Power)
joy division – disorder (Unknown Pleasures)
the smiths – the headmaster ritual (Meat Is Murder)
radiohead – airbag (OK Computer)
the velvet underground – sunday morning (The Velvet Underground & Nico)
sonic youth – schizophrenia (Sister)
sigur ros – vaka (( ))
the beach boys – wouldn’t it be nice (Pet Sounds)
the rolling stones – gimme shelter (Let It Bleed)
neutral milk hotel – the king of carrot flowers, pt. 1 (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)

i also had the problem of the Intros on hip hop records. i don’t think those count.

15 10 2009
Tim LaVoie

5. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “Minor Place”
4. Converge – “The Saddest Day”
3. U2 – “Sunday Bloody Sunday”
2. The Knife – “Silent Shout”
1. Neil Young – “Rockin in the Free World”

I wanted to rep some hip-hop too, but all intros…

16 10 2009

Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze – Are You Experienced? (US/Canada release)
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin II
ZZ Top- Waitin’ for the Bus – Tres Hombres
Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nevermind (this is obvious)

OK so i only got 4.

16 10 2009

Luke- amazing call on the “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” I’m tempted go back and change mine, but that wouldn’t be fair.

Also gotta give a shoutout to “Whole Lotta Love”- excellent choice.

16 10 2009
Mr. F

My turn, few international references… but what can I do?

Le Bilan – Neg’ marrons, Le Bilan
Amours – Louise Attaque, Louise Attaque
Signs – Badmarch and Shri, Signs
Garden Grove – Sublime, Sublime
Queremos Paz – Gotan Project, La revancha del tango

16 10 2009

Only 1 Top 5 list? Nah…couldn’t stop with one.

Top 5 for a road trip

1. Baby, Please Don’t Go – Them
2. Scarecrow – Beck (Guero)
3. Deep Red Bells – Neko Case (Blacklisted)
4. Highwater (Song for Charlie Patton) – Bob Dylan (Love & Theft)
5. Head On – Jesus and Mary Chain

Top 5 – Music to try and make love to my old lady by

1. Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
2. Flume – Bon Iver
3. The Greatest – Cat Power
4. Killing Me Softly – The Fugees
5. Trouble – Ray LaMontagne

Top 5 – Turn up in my car and rock out

1. Elevator Love Letter – The Stars
2. Ring of Fire – Social Distortion
3. Wolf Like Me – TV on the Radio
4. Helpline Operator – The The
5. Bitter Beauty – Jason Collett

Top 5 – Guilty Pleasure Songs you play by yourself knowing your significant other may not like them as much as you do…

1. Pictures of You – The Cure
2. Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters
3. Vanishing Point – New Order
4. I Want a Dog – Pet Shop Boys
5. Summer Sun – Texas

16 10 2009

to all you hoes that don’t know nuttin’ bout dat hip hop:

15 chronic # 1’s:

beastie boys – sure shot (ill communication)
atmosphere – sunshine (sad clown bad summer; an EP, but still counts)
common – be (be)
del tha funky homosapien – time is too expensive (both sides of the brain)
dilated peoples – live on stage (expansion team)
gza – liquid swords (liquid swords)
jay-z – diamond is forever (blueprint 2: the curse)
jurassic 5 – in the flesh (EP)
krs-one – krs-one attacks (return of the boom bap)
the roots – star (the tipping point)
wu tang – bring da ruckus (enter the wu tang: 36 chambers)
a tribe called quest – push it along (peoples instinctive travels…)
mos def – fear not of man (black on both sides)
nas – get down (gods son)
notorious b i g – notorious thugs (life after death: disc 2)

also, COUNTLESS albums with an amazing #2 preceded by an intro. also, excluding 2-Pac because i hate him right now.

also, laurhole you a thug.

16 10 2009

no particular order, but ill do like Luke and do 10

1. sgt pepper
2. london calling – clash (london calling)
3. airbag – radiohead (ok computer)
4. untitled – interpol (turn on the bright lights)
5. testify – rage (battle of los angeles)
6. we will rock you – queen (news of the world)
7. heartbeats – the knife (deep cuts)
8. baby beluga – raffi (baby beluga)
9. and it stoned me – van the man (moondance)
10. neutral milk hotel – the king of carrot flowers, pt. 1 (In the Aeroplane Over the Sea)

i have a lot of repetition (big whoop wanna fight about it? ) but everyone chooses such excellent songs how can there not be?

16 10 2009

ooh- london calling. CAN’T believe i missed that one.

16 10 2009
emcee cool

smells like teen spirit – nirvana
oh no – andrew bird – noble beast
baba o’reilly – the who – who’s next
hurricane – bob dylan – desire
crown – mason jennings – use your voice


17 10 2009
Slab Pie

SO with you, LB with Gimme Shelter- Cannot HELP MYSELF with that intro…AND Everything In Its Right Place…chills.

17 10 2009

Hurricane – Bob Dylan -Great choice by emcee
Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf -my favorite

17 10 2009

and one more…
Think – Aretha Franklin -Aretha Now

20 10 2009

Limiting myself to this decade. Not limiting myself to five.

In no particular order…

Spoon: “Small Stakes” (Kill the Moonlight)
The Clientele: “Since K Got Over Me” (Strange Geometry)
The Go! Team: “Panther Dash” (Thunder, Lightning, Strike)
The Avalanches: “Since I Left You” (Since I Left You)
The Thermals: “Here’s Your Future” ( The Body The Blood The Machine)
The Streets: “Turn the Page” (Original Pirate Material)
Animal Collective: “Did You See the Words” (Feels)
Jim O’Rourke: “All Downhill From Here” (Insignificance)
Destroyer: “Rubies” (Destroyer’s Rubies)
Wolf Parade: “You Are a Runner and I Am My Father’s Son” (Apologies to the Queen Mary)

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