Oh, I Love Me Some John Stewart.

23 10 2009


Many of you took an active interest in my recent post on that crazy Halliburton/KBR vs. Gang-Rape Victim case.  Well, I am pleased to post this video of the incomparable John Stewart smashing those GOP Senators into a million bits with his biting rhetoric (couldn’t embed it, so you’ll have to click the link):

John Stewart Goes Rape-Nuts

Also check out this controversial website, RepublicansforRape.org, created as an ironic jab at those rogue GOP voters.  I’m neither endorsing nor condemning this website, just offering it up as a conversation piece.  And loosening my proverbial necktie. 




2 responses

23 10 2009

Dude that’s crazy. What are they talking about. I don’t know how they escape charges of cronyism with public statements like that bama makes. Who votes for these people?

23 10 2009
Geof Boyle

Shley – People who believe women have a place and that she was out of hers.

Next issue: KBR’s clause that only women have to sign called “Don’t be funny, or else”.

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