An Open Letter to Carrie Prejean

14 11 2009



Dear Carrie,

Let me preface this letter by saying that although you and I couldn’t be any more different, I fiercely defended you after your controversial answer in the Miss USA pageant.  While I strongly disagree with your stance that only marriage “between a man and a woman” should be considered legal and valid, I applaud you for having the balls to actually state your honest opinion on a controversial topic at a beauty pageant, where the contestants are notoriously trained to answer “world peace” regardless of the question.  Perez Hilton is a jerk for asking a Miss USA contestant whether same-sex marriage should be legalized in every state, knowing that either way you answered you were going to piss off half of California and the nation.  



With that said, in the wake of the pageant, your statements and life decisions have been a slow-motion train wreck.  You could have simply stood up for your answer, emphasized that you are justified in giving your opinion when it’s asked for and that the media is being ironically hypocritical in showing such intolerance to your political views.  You should have kindly made them feel like assholes for trashing your personal opinion, and then lay low until the buzz died down. 

Instead, after being stripped of your crown for allegedly “refus[ing] to work with pageant officials” (aka speaking out against gay marriage when you’re just supposed to be a pretty face), you decided to start talking about your “strong Christian faith” all over the media while bringing a high-profile “religious discrimination” lawsuit against the Miss USA pageant, knowing that this kind of attack was going to force them to ruin your life and public image.  While you were all over Fox News talking about your “faith in Jesus Christ” and “traditional morals” and “Christian beliefs,” your ex-boyfriend was circulating your EIGHT raunchy sex videos, and pageant officials were announcing that they had sponsored your fake boobs, making you look like a world-class hypocrite.  I can’t defend you anymore if you’re going to continue to dig your own grave.

Also, you definitely should have refrained from telling Christianity Today that youdon’t see anywhere in the Bible where it says you shouldn’t get breast implants.”  The Bible was written thousands of years ago, Carrie– breast implants hadn’t been invented yet.  I don’t see anywhere in the Bible where it says you shouldn’t send people anthrax mail, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna buy a pack of envelopes and get started tomorrow, know what I’m sayin?

Either learn to edit yourself, or just stop saying things altogether.  Your tantrum on Larry King Live was atrocious and embarrassing.  He simply asked you why you decided to settle your lawsuit, and you told him he was being inappropriate and tried to rip your microphone off.  Larry King asks questions for a living, Carrie.  He’s an old, respected anchor.  You are an evangelical beauty queen with 8 sex tapes. Who’s the inappropriate one here?



One final word of advice, Carrie.  If you’re trying to distance yourself from the media’s image of you as a raging hypocrite, then when someone asks you who your hero is on national television, please, for the love of Jesus, DON’T ANSWER “SARAH PALIN,” EVER, EVER AGAIN.  Just pick a new hero.  There are tons of good, solid, conservative, Bible-beating heroes.  Pick one with a brain and a history of doing good things for people.  Or more importantly, pick one with a history of not being a hypocrite. Are we on the same page here?  Are we even reading the same book? 

You’re very pretty, and you published a memoir.  Hooray for you!  Now do yourself a favor and disappear for a few years, or at least stop flapping your gums.  You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, and America has enough talentless celebrities to mock. 

Stay Classy,

District Ramblings




17 responses

14 11 2009

Vainglory and Greed are two of the Seven Deadly Sins. So on that note, she’s failed on so many levels.

15 11 2009

very funny! in other news, holy shit larry king is still alive?! i thought he died… like multiple times. do you read christianity today often?

15 11 2009

the only words I can think of when I see her interacting with people is stupid TWAT. Michael K at dlisted did a nice job of describing her ‘storm off fail’

“Miss Tits4Jesus herself, Carrie Prejean, ventured into Larry King’s crypt last night to talk about her book and to tell him how inappropriate he is. Yes, Carrie thought Larry was very inappropriate for asking her simple questions about her settlement agreement with Miss California and that little solo fuck tape she made a couple of years ago. Carrie was not amused and attempted to storm off, but failed miserably at it.

There’s many reasons why Carrie needs a gay in her life, but her STORM OFF FAIL really got to me. If she had a main gay by her side, he would have taught her how to storm off properly thanks to Dynasty and other prime-time soap operas. Carrie just needed to look into the camera and calmly say, “LARRY KING (dramatic pause) I will destroy YOUR (dramatic pause) LIFE.” Then she should have flipped her, whipped off her mic in one easy swoop, gracefully slid out of her chair, hiked up her titties, thrown one last shank eye into the camera and then strutted off….You don’t fumble with your mic and awkwardly sit there with a smile like a polite 4-year-old waiting for a juice box. Embarrassing! DO IT BIG, or don’t do it all. How dreadful.”


15 11 2009
sacalait killa

why so angry? to each his own, eh?

at least she’s trying to make something of herself and situation.

however, kudos to you: bawney fwank could wite a book abowt stowming off the set.

16 11 2009
Edward Dandyhands

[….your ex-boyfriend was circulating your EIGHT raunchy sex videos, and….]

When I clicked on the “sex videos” link in the blog post…well…I was disappointed in where it took me…

That’s all.


– Dandyhands

16 11 2009

HAHAAAA hook, line and sinker.

16 11 2009

Looks like Edward Dandyhands got rickrolled

16 11 2009

She’s not even that pretty. (She looks plastic.)

16 11 2009

i’d still hit it.

16 11 2009

I need some help in completing the slate for the GOP convention in 2012. Carrie Prejean thinks Sarah Palin would make a great President because she is her hero. (great qualifications). So lets see – Sarah Palin for President. Lets make Carrie Prejean Sec. of State and she can shake her tits in the Muslin countries and try to convert them to her Conservative Christian values. Meanwhile Sarah will be back in the White House with her children, Track, Tripp, Trigg, Bristol, Willow and Piper and of course the first Dude, working on the economy etc.l Now who should we put in there for Vice Pres. Will Sarah and Carrie eliminate press conferences since the press is so mean to them ??? Just thinking ahead to 2012.

16 11 2009
Pita L.

I’m not sure I agree “the media” showing intolerance towards her political views. I agree that some in the media are, but she also has plenty in the media on her side, which makes her sound even more hypocritical when she talks about the media’s bias against conservative women. I don’t think we can honestly talk about “the media” as if it’s a unified body.

Also, what do you think of the argument:
We don’t need to be tolerant of intolerance? i.e. defend Carrie Prejean’s right to deny the rights of others.

16 11 2009

Pita, I didn’t say that the media is biased against conservative women, and I don’t think that’s true. I also didn’t mean to imply that the entire media showed Carrie intolerance. I think that even if a number of media outlets supported Carrie, which many of them (i.e. Fox News, Christianity Today) clearly did, enough of them have slammed her that I think it’s fair to say that she has been harshly criticized for her answer.

As to your second question, I think being intolerant to people’s political opinions on social issues like gay marriage and abortion is hypocritical. I think everyone has a right to an opinion, and if we ask them for it in a public forum, they should certainly be allowed to say it regardless of who is going to agree. She didn’t say anything negative towards gay people, she simply said that she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. I disagree with her, as I said, but I fully support her right to an opinion.

16 11 2009
Geof Boyle

The only right Prejean is denying is my right to believe she has ever thought critically about anything. Her public speech against legalized gay marriage and the actual denial of rights are separate issues. The first is her right under the U.S. Constitution. The second is complicated by the separation of church and state thingy. Marriage, a traditionally religious institution, should be administered by whatever folklorish mystical hippie crap people want to use. The legal contract administered separately, by the state, called something other than marriage, and is what determines property rights, family law stuff, etc. Personal opinion is two consenting adults should be able to get the legal contract and then go find a church if they feel like it. Three or more can go form an LLC or something. The last will probably have to start their own church. OMG, I just invented my ticket to riches and power. Thanks L. Ron Hubbard for the inspiration!

16 11 2009
Pita L.

Laura, I did not think you said the media is biased against conservative women. Carrie Prejean has said this numerous times, including in her recent interview with Larry King. She has been harshly criticized for her answer, by overtly liberal media. She’s also been venerated by overtly conservative media. I see the two as balancing each other out. I think to say she has been harshly criticized by the media for her answers overlooks a lot of the other media outlets out there–Fox News, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. (note: this is probably the first and only time I’ve ever associate Fox News with the New York Times)

As I remember, immediately after the Miss American incident she did go the “I spoke my mind; I said what I believed” route. It wasn’t until the semi-nude photos, followed by nude photos, etc. surfaced that (liberal) media really went after her. Like you mentioned above, it was then an issue of hypocrisy.

Part two:
So you’re saying not tolerating intolerance is hypocritical. I’m not sure what to think of this. I get that she has a first amendment right to say whatever she wants, but I’m not sure I should be permissive of her saying these things. Again, she has the right to say whatever she wants, I just don’t think I should make an allowance for her to say them. I’m not going to be tolerant of the justice of the peace in Georgia who denied a marriage license to the inter racial couple. He didn’t say anything negative about the couple. In fact, he apologized, saying he did not mean to offend them. He was just worried about their kids. To me this is the same logic as saying: no offense to gays, I just don’t think they should marry.

16 11 2009

Pita, I wouldn’t be tolerant of that justice of the peace in Georgia (I thought it was Louisiana?) either, his actions were completely bigoted and unjust. But I think that’s an entirely different situation than the one in question. A civilian stating a personal opinion on same-sex marriage, when asked, and a public official actually denying an interracial couple a marriage license when they are legally entitled to one are not the same thing.

Carrie is not personally trying to deny anyone rights, nor does she have the power to. She also didn’t say anything malicious or homophobic. She was just taught, growing up as a “Christian”, that the religious sacrament of marriage has to be between a man and a woman. I think if she were raised in a more progressive family or had gone to different schools, she might feel differently, but it’s unfair to judge her for parroting back what she’s been taught just because we’ve been lucky enough to learn differently.

16 11 2009
Pita L.

I’m not sure the situations are that different. The judge (you’re right, he was from Louisiana) said he was acting on his personal opinion, the couple was free to go to another justice of the peace, etc. The issue is intent. The judge and Carrie Prejean have the same intent (i.e. mind that directions actions) behind what they believe. Carrie Prejean is/was acting (aka verbalizing) her beliefs, which are the same as the judge’s (beliefs are the same, not actions).

I’m not sure what you mean by growing up “Christian.” I think you put Christian in quotes because you are implying her specific interpretation of Christianity, right? In any case, using Christianity (which is what Carrie Prejean is doing, not you) is a cop out. Christianity says a lot of things (e.g. stone your daughter if she’s not a virgin) and she chooses to follow this one (again with the hypocrisy). This is a choice she is making. She can’t use Christianity to excuse her bigotry. I know you know all this.

I’m not sure if it’s fair or unfair to judge her. I do know when I hear someone expressing bigotry (even implicitly) I don’t feel compelled to tolerate it. I feel compelled to engage them in a discussion (I know this was NOT was the liberal media has done) about why they feel that way and why I think it’s misguided, duplicitous, etc.

16 11 2009

Well I agree with you about that last part, and I would definitely try to engage Carrie Prejean in a discussion about her views on same-sex marriage if I met her in person. But in the absence of that option, I’d rather respect the fact that both of us are entitled to our opinions, even if hers differs from mine, than be angry that she’s not as liberal as me on this issue. That’s all I was trying to get across. I don’t tolerate racism and homophobia, but I do tolerate different political views– it’s a thin line, I realize, but you do have to draw it somewhere.

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