Fox News: 70% of people back Palin for President, out of 193% polled.

24 11 2009

Back when Sarah Palin was running for VP, I kept reading news stories about how massively popular she was among the American working-class, how she was “breathing life” back into McCain’s campaign.  This always confused me, because I didn’t know one single person who supported her.  My liberal friends obviously thought she was a joke, but even my conservative friends and my aunt and uncle in Alaska hated her.  

Most recently, during a Friday broadcast, good ole Fox News displayed a pie chart illustrating the support breakdown for the 2012 elections.  Apparently, 70% of the people polled back Palin: 

That’s funny… I’m no math major, but I thought pie chart percentages were supposed to add up to 100.  This one adds up to 193.  How can 193% of people show up to take your survey, Fox News?

But more importantly, if the liberals I know hate Palin, the conservatives I know hate Palin, and my Alaska kin especially hate Palin, then how is it that 70% of the people Fox polled are backing her for President?  Who are these people?

Well, my answer has arrived in the form of a YouTube video.  Because Palin has mapped out an all-white book tour that conspicuously skips over most major metropolitan areas, Chase Whiteside of New Left Media had to trek out Columbus, Ohio, where hundreds of white people stood in line at Borders to have their copy of Going Rogue signed by the author.  Whiteside had many of the same questions I do; namely, why do you people continue to support Sarah Palin? 

Lot’s of people talked very generally about “freedom.”  One woman called her a “rockstar” without elaborating, and another gentleman in a Steelers jacket enthusiastically said, “She is the epitome of conservativeness, and I’m tellin you, if the Republican Party doesn’t back her, it doesn’t matter, because she’s gonna get the presidency.” 

Err… no, if the Republican Party doesn’t back her, she actually won’t even be able to run for the presidency, unless you’re suggesting some sort of violent coup.  

One old man worries that Palin can’t win the presidency because Obama is “naturalizing a lot of the illegal aliens,” who will surely offset Palin’s white voters.

When Whiteside asks supporters what specific policies of hers they agree with, no one seems to have an answer.  One woman cryptically says “Fairness. Realness,” another shouts, “Drill, baby, drill!” and a third, more annoyed Palin supporter says, “I’m not sure where you’re going with that.”  

When asked what problems she has with the current administration, a woman replies, “cap and trade, and all that.”  Then when the reporter asks her what problem she has with cap and trade, she laughs and says, “Um, I really don’t know too much about it.”  

That’s fine if you don’t know what cap and trade means, most people don’t.  But don’t go around telling people it’s the main reason you disapprove of the Obama administration when you haven’t even figured out what it is, much less formed a real opinion on it, know what I mean?

One man in the video says he’s read Obama’s two books, and that they clearly outline his policy of “Marxism, Leninism and Socialism.”  Another mentions that he disagrees with Obama’s support of partial birth abortions.  When Whiteside points out that Obama does not, in fact, support partial birth abortions, the man says, “He said he is against partial birth abortions, but he’s done nothing to prove that.”

What??  We are all just a little bit dumber for having heard that.

So I guess there are some rogue Palin supporters out there.  The good news is, 70% of 193% isn’t even close to half.




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24 11 2009

so i was listening to this past weekends “wait, wait, don’t tell me…” where they were clearly trashing sarah palin. listening to that and watching the video above makes me think… we dismiss those right-wing, moron, poopy-faced jerks who watch nothing but fox news and act like lemmings, but we’re no better because what we’re (I) listening to isn’t necessarily fair and balanced. but seriously, my vote should count 3 times as much as any person who was interviewed above.

25 11 2009

this was probably the survey question:


here are some republicans that republicans can vote for. As a republican, which of these republicans would you vote for? (check all that apply)

any republican as long as it is a republican because the gays and communist democrats are coming for my guns and trying to tax soda.

this is the most retarded survey ever. it basically shows that republicans are willing to vote for republicans. fox: survey FAIL.

25 11 2009

It was hard to sit through all 8 minutes of that. Here is the best (worst?) part –

“We’re no longer an exceptional country” – Well, maybe that’s because our citizens are so unbelievably uninformed and entitled that they can make many of these statements without any sort of concern for what they actually mean for the country and for the future. I mean, the terms these people are throwing about – Cap and Trade, PETA (??), Small business taxes, Alaska being the “First Line of Defense” from Russia, Christianity being threatened, I can’t even possibly imagine how these people come up with this.

graber – I listened to the “wait, wait” episode this week, and I do agree that the liberal media has its biases just as Fox News does. However, I think when they are quoting Going Rouge on how sexy she finds the “First Dude” the issue that comes to mind for me is not that one side supports her or not it’s that each side knows and understands what they are supporting or not supporting.

Snap jar snaps for the interviewer for being able to appear respectful and interested during these questions fo’sho.

25 11 2009

oh, i don’t mind the liberal bias at all – it was a joke, almost. poorly written. i also do hate PETA.

25 11 2009

I thought the screen shot was a joke at first. I mean how can they put “Source: opinions”?? That isn’t a source. I’m not a math major either, but my math tells me that if opinions are like assholes, everyone has them, then Fox should rethink their citation system. Source: Assholes.

Wait wait don’t tell me is only interesting to smart people. The right doesn’t have shows like this. We may be be a bunch of bourgeois pate eating metrosexuals, but at least we can back our shit up.

25 11 2009

Analysis of my second point: reactionary. Let me parse out what I meant: Plenty of people on the political right are smart, but for some reason, humor seems harder to come by in that sphere, i.e. no Wait Wait type shows that I’m aware of.
The people in that line were just regular doofuses. They exist everywhere. To say they have a political affiliation is giving them credit they don’t deserve. To put them into a pie chart that adds up to more than 100 is completely appropriate. They are fans of Palin’s celebrity. Their fan-ness helps them to establish their own (from our privileged perspective) shallow identities. This is why they are at an effing book signing. They are the naively clueless products of American anti-intellectualism, a public school system that teaches largely useless facts instead of thinking, and mass media that promotes the first and does little to rectify the second.

25 11 2009

oh yes geof, your second post is WAY less reactionary. 🙂

26 11 2009

Yes, that clip was painful to watch. Those people are idiots, no question about it. But to be fair about this, I remember right after the election some interviews with people who were so excited about Obama being elected, but when asked specifically what it was they were hoping he would do or change, they couldn’t answer any more intelligently than the Palin lemmings. Ignorance and closed-mindedness is ubiquitous. And just like those of us who do actually base our political positions on our understanding of policy, I know some republicans who are smart and politically plugged in who can “back their shit up” too.

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