7 Lessons I Learned this Weekend

13 12 2009

On Saturday I invited eight people over for eggnog and charades, and 20 showed up.  I was underprepared for the crowd in terms of food, beverage and entertainment, so my hostessing turned into a bit of a clusterfuck.

For future reference:

1. If you bake a wheel of brie cheese at 400 degrees for 2 hours, it turns into a hockey puck.

2. If you put a bottle of spiced rum on the counter next to a pot of apple cider, the rum will be gone long before the cider.

3. Lebanese people love cream cheese.

4. Lebanese people do not love charades.

5. Vegan cupcakes are not nearly as delicious as regular ones, unless you can’t tell the difference because you’re on serious painkillers from a recent knee surgery.

6. If you turn your TV to the Christmas carols channel for musical entertainment, at least one person at the party will call you “gay” and promptly leave.

7. Whiskey and eggnog are only festive prior to entering your body.

Good to know.




7 responses

13 12 2009
Slab Pie

HAHA!! I was wondering what ever happened to the brie…..

14 12 2009
Mr. F

Lebanese people love burned Brie at 3 am after drinking cider and missing the bottle of rum.

14 12 2009

Oh man! it sounds like i should have been there! vegan cupcakes!?? mere is back?

14 12 2009

Vegan cupcakes courtesy of Babak!

15 12 2009

To be fair, I have been eating those cupcakes all week, and they aren’t as bad as they sound. However, I vehemently challenge anyone to prove that whatever that was that came out of the oven ever closely resembled brie.

15 12 2009

Clint Eastwood vs. Asylum. I posit that “asylum” was the more challenging charades card. Kudos to Farid for “clams” though- the Lebanese are making a comeback.

16 12 2009
Slab Pie

It was all about “humdinger”, Liz….though I’m not Lebanese so there was no real excuse.

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