Top 5 Crime Movies of All Time

16 12 2009

I think I might have a trace of OCD.   I get on these weird kicks sometimes, where I do the same thing at the same time every day for a curiously long period of time.

Usually these kicks are food-related.  For instance, I’ll have the same random burrito from Burrito Brothers– spinach with pinto beans, no sour cream, add cheese– every day for three straight months until someone I work with gets weirded out and forces me to reevaluate.  I can’t help it.  If I try to order something else, I just feel like I’m missing out on what I really wanted.

Other people do that too, right?

Anyway, this latest kick is not a food kick– it’s a YouTube kick.  Every night after work I have to sit down and watch the Uma Thurman/John Travolta twist scene from Pulp Fiction. I watch it two, maybe three times a night.

That Chuck Berry song is perpetually stuck in my head, but if you’re gonna have any song in your head, it might as well be that one.  It’s perfection.

And speaking of perfection, I have another top 5 list for you guys:

Top 5 Crime Movies of All Time

1. Pulp Fiction

2. The Godfather, Part II (the only sequel in history that was better than the original.)

3. Goodfellas

4. The Departed

5. The Usual Suspects

Did I miss any? What’s in your top 5?




23 responses

16 12 2009

Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves

16 12 2009

haha- robin hood doesn’t count as a criminal, he gives his loot to the poor.

16 12 2009

I guess you could throw “snatch” in there. Kind of a trendy pick, but pretty damn good the first time you see it. Also, 70’s film called “the sting.”

Would any of the Dennis the Menace series apply here?

16 12 2009

Bonnie and Clyde…definitely a classic.

17 12 2009

LA Confidential

17 12 2009

Also, wouldn’t put this in the top 10, but Heat was a great movie too.

The dark knight ended up being a great movie because it was a great crime drama that happened to be set in the batman world. That could be on the list.

17 12 2009

1. bad santa
2. raising arizona
3. airheads
4. superbad (under-age drinking)
5. blow

17 12 2009

Well here is another topic squarely in my wheelhouse. Your list is pretty good for an amatuer purveyor of crime movie lists. A more accurate list is as follows:

1. The Godfather – As the title implies, the Godfather is the daddy of all great crime movies. Godfather Part 2 is sometimes incorrectly described as a sequel better than the original. True Godfather afficianados know that Godfather 2 was part sequel and part prequel. The prequel part of G-2 with Robert DeNiro as the young Godfather was every bit as good as the original. The sequel part of the movie began a long career run of overacting by Al Pacino, who was great in the original. Women movie listers should particularly be upset as to how Diane Keaton, who was interesting as Michael’s love interest in the original, had her role reduced to mush in the sequel as Michael’s whiny and naive wife. You can only be thankful for Carmela Soprano for restoring some dignity to the role of a mobster’s wife. The movie’s score alone merits top five mention.

2. Goodfellas – Joe Pesci’s role as the psychopath Tommy deVito is one of my favorite supporting roles of all time. DeNiro got best supporting actor for Godfather 2, but clearly he was a lead actor, so that does not count for me. Pesci’s “do you think i’m funny” scene is a classic, but I also like the scene at breakfast with his Mom where he borrows a knife to cut up a “deer” they hit on the road.

3. Godfather 2 – See above. If the sequel part of the movie had been as good as the prequel, maybe you can elevate it over the original. Combining the two parts of the movie drop it to number three.

4. Pulp Fiction – Watching this movie is like watching a train wreck. You just can’t stop watching it no matter how sick it gets. Memorable scenes aside for the dance are the scenes where Uma is revived with the giant needle; Harvey Keitel saving the day as the “Wolf”; and Samuel Jackson’s sermon at the diner.

5. Catwoman – You can hardly talk about crimes of the century without mentioning this movie. Its a crime it was made.

17 12 2009

The scene in GF2 where diane keaton tells pacino that she aborted his baby is one of my favorite scenes (because i love abortions and hitting women)

17 12 2009

Irony alert: you can’t imply someone is an amateur lister of movies and spell it amatuer. You can save some face by calling the irony alert on oneself, but not much. An “edit’ option would have been nice.

17 12 2009

Way to call yourself on that before I got to it, Leverman, because you know I would have jumped on that.

17 12 2009

Silence of the Lambs should definitely be on the list.

maybe casino.

17 12 2009

You guys hit all the good stuff already. Gun fight in Heat is one of the best ever filmed.
I liked Viggo Mortenson in Eastern Promises-good Russian Mafia stuff in extras

Small Time Crooks; go to 5:40 and watch for 30 seconds. Setup: opened a front-business upstairs to cover up breaking into basement next door.

17 12 2009

Third time today. 5:57. It’s so dumb, but I laugh every time.

17 12 2009

Here are some of my favorite crime / noir movies that often get left out or forgotten amongst those mentioned above.

Touch of Evil – Not only did Orson Welles close the door on film noir with this classic but his acting as the bloated, corrupt sheriff is a work of real acting.

In Cold Blood – not only is this film a classic, but one of the few film adaptations that does justice to its source material.

The Big Sleep – Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Nothing more need be said.

Thief – James Caan as a master thief in one of Michael Mann’s first movies.

Miller’s Crossing – dialogue, cinematography, violence, love and the Coen Brothers directing.

Dead Man – Jim Jarmusch’s b&w movie with Johnny Depp. A much missed movie but with great style, wit, violence, dialogue and a haunting soundtrack by Neil Young. Not so much a crime movie as a western crime movie.

Blue Velvet – Frank Booth, a severed ear, Kyle peeping through a louvered closet door, and Dean Stockwell singing “In Dreams”. A truly American movie.

Peeping Tom – British film about a guy who films himself killing his female victims and then watching the films at home. A psychological thriller from the 60s.

Rope – one of Hitchcock’s overlooked films.

Blade Runner – more so a thriller than it is a sci-fi film (gliding police cars notwithstanding).

King of New York – Chrisopher Walken film by Abel Farerra.

True Romance – The Sicilians scene between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper is worth the price alone.

17 12 2009

17 12 2009

funny how everyone loves to comment on the lists. guess everyone likes to share their own.

17 12 2009
Jayneyomama's friend

Oldie but goodie: Body Heat (also very sexy for its time).

17 12 2009
Jayneyomama's friend

regarding the Pulp Fiction thing….. you’re weird.

20 12 2009


24 07 2010
lazy guy

HEAT — 1995, Michael Mann. There’s so much to savor in this film, even though it is bloated and over-long, diluting its own momentum & clarity by being too self-indulgent with sub-plots and fascination about the technical process of doing the crimes…
It is more enjoyable on repeat viewings, perhaps watched in bits, like ‘cherry picking’, watching favorite scenes repeatedly, skipping the dull slow bits, etc.

COLLATERAL is good too, another tour de force of style execution by Michael Mann. The cinematography of this (and HEAT) alone is so seductive.

The Italian Job (remake, 2003) is entertaining, even if it is a bit of a bullshit sweet fairy tale in which the crime crew all have hearts of gold, an impeccable code of honor among themselves, never use guns, etc.

24 07 2010

have we forgotton GASLIGHT ???

24 07 2010

or is it forgotten ????

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