Top 10 Reasons I Love D.C.

26 01 2010

10.  I can’t walk from the bus to work in the morning without getting caught up in a big, chanting protest about something.

9.  My neighborhood has a random El Salvadorian gang problem, which gives me mad street cred.

8.  At least a third of the people who live here came to make some sort of difference in the world.

7. I got into a discussion about the recent controversial Supreme Court decision with my Starbucks barista this morning. What?  He started it.

6. Every day, I find myself one step closer to my dream of playing fetch with the First Pup.

5. Ben’s Chili Bowl

4. I love the adrenaline rush I get from working next door to the biggest terrorist target in the world.

3. Hollywood celebrities flock here, dust off their Versace suits and pretend like they care about “issues.” Haha.

2. I love being within short driving distance of tubing in West Virginia, Charlottesville and the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, fishing in Annapolis, trying not to get killed in Baltimore, Philly steak and cheese sandwiches and picnics in Central Park.

1. The one task my boss gave me for this entire week was to come up with a drinking game for tomorrow night’s State of the Union Address.

I love you, D.C., thanks for being my new home.




2 responses

26 01 2010

I always do the “drink while they applaud” game. It’s great game b/c you’re wasted in 30 min. You could also do the “shotgun a beer every standing o” game.

26 01 2010
I live in the District

Huge International connection in a small village
Of the best Restaurants in the world
People saying good morning in the street, every damn morning
Women smile at you instead of looking down, that’s maybe coz I’m fly, and your not coz you ain’t
The “where you from” question that you can ask americans being almost sure they are not from here and then the excitement of meeting a local. Oh you from DC, awesome!
It’s 10 degrees one day, 80 the other
When it snows hard, the office is closed but not the mexican place up the block
The name: “District”

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