D.C.’s Best Week Ever

4 03 2010

I’m so proud of my city this week, y’all! A number of fantastic things happened.

First, yesterday marked the first day that same-sex marriage is legal in District! WOOT!

As gay couples stood in line to apply for their shiny new marriage licenses, the typical right-wing haters gathered around to protest, sporting their matching “GodHatesFags.com” tank tops.  So classy.  And what would a gay marriage protest be without a poster of gay stick figures copulating and a sign that reads “God Hates Obama”?

Fortunately, DCist reports that the crowd of supporters actually drowned out the crowd of happiness-haters with their deafening cheers as gay couples emerged from the courthouse, which makes my heart swell.

Hooray! Mazel tov!

In other Best Week Ever news, the Caps beat the Sabres 3-1 last night, Marion Barry was FINALLY censured by the D.C. Council after years of getting away with tax fraud, smoking crack, and using city funds for himself and his girlfriends, and a fantastic New York Times article came out about the D.C. Nightlife Revival.

Yea, you heard right– D.C. has a NIGHTLIFE. And that nightlife is experiencing a REVIVAL.  Because people are flooding into the city for our stable government jobs, and the population growth is being met by a major growth in cool bars, bad-ass DJ’s and other fun stuff to do.

Wildman writes:

“Indeed, the city, once called, even by its own citizens, “Hollywood for ugly people” is in the midst of a night life renaissance. To whit: 53 restaurants, bars and boutiques have opened in the last two years in the area known as Mid-City (roughly from Thomas Circle up 14th Street through U Street, and along U down to Ninth). That doesn’t include the new celebrity chef haunts in Penn Quarter, nor the sleek new hotel bars at the Jefferson and the W, nor the monthly or weekly alternative parties like Maison that are held in warehouses, bars and nightclubs.”

Hallelujia!  Is it Friday yet?




6 responses

4 03 2010

You forgot one other important event: Maryland beat Duke last night!

4 03 2010
4 03 2010

not this week. such a stoner move… but good news indeed!

4 03 2010

don’t forget handguns in DC or that a component of the night life revival is more gentrification.

4 03 2010

debbie downer.

8 03 2010

The NY Times article has little substance. They interviewed a DJ who does gay parties and an owner who does gay parties. And then a mentioning of a bar that has a long line for their beer. Wow I can’t wait to experience this, especially the hot gay parties.

Bottom line is a bunch of frou frou restaurants are opening. Nothing to get excited about.

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