Maybe Sarah Palin Deserves a Re-Evaluation?

1 04 2010

I know that I’ve spent my entire blog career making fun of Sarah Palin, but I’m starting to feel like maybe we’re all too hard on her.  She was the first female Vice Presidential candidate ever.  She wrote a best-selling book, raised five children and has been running the great state of Alaska on her own since 2006, fighting to protect the wildlife there and to fairly represent her mostly conservative constituents.  Maybe the woman deserves a little respect– she’s accomplished a lot in her relatively young life, and she probably inspires a lot of little girls who might not have realized what women are really capable of.

I was really on the fence about writing this post, because I know I’ll receive a lot of criticism for it, and I’m not saying I would vote for her for President if she ran.  But I think when you see the surprisingly reasonable op-ed she just wrote for the New York Times you might all change your minds about her– she is a strong, inspiring woman, regardless of her political beliefs.




16 responses

1 04 2010

I find her inspirational as well! Welcome to the club.

1 04 2010
Edward Dandyhands


I’m sure she wrote that all by herself too…psh…

1 04 2010

i hear ya, but wait until one of her next articles.

1 04 2010

GREAT April Fools, LB!

1 04 2010

you are brilliant. you fooled me big time…I love you.

1 04 2010

I love how no one is clicking on the link. I probably lost at least 60 readers on this one.

1 04 2010

hahaha good one!

1 04 2010

i was wondering about the analytics. i clicked!

1 04 2010
Geoff O.

You have 60 readers?

1 04 2010

jerk. I was about to disown you. 🙂

1 04 2010

Did Geraldine Ferraro escape your notice?(as the first female vice-pres nominee of a major party– and there have been dozens of minor party female candidates dating to the 19th century). Do your homework.

2 04 2010

Ooh, sweet burn on the April Fools joke.

2 04 2010

You’re right George, I totally should have done my homework before writing this completely fictitious April Fools post. Were you also pissed about the fact that Palin doesn’t actually defend Alaska’s wildlife? Cause that part was a joke too. Get over yourself.

2 04 2010

LB – you had me fooled. I thought you had completely lost it. And I almost did. Now if we could lose Sarah Palin somewhere and never hear from her again we would all be better off. My happy thought for the day.

3 04 2010

I read this on April 3rd, and neglected to check the date of this posting. I was very close to disowning you as my cousin. Just about shat my desk chair.

5 04 2010
Edward Dandyhands

IT WAS ALL A JOKE!!!! 4 days late to the punchline here… phew…

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