Three Things That Pissed Me Off This Week

8 04 2010

1. First the first time in my life, I took 24-hour Claritin preemptively instead of waiting for the inevitable April sinus infection, and in addition to preventing my pollen allergies, it has also prevented me from getting one second of sleep for the past four nights in a row.  Now I’m at work and I feel like I’ve been whacked across the face with a two-by-four.

2. The weather was beautiful and warm last night, so a few friends and I tossed back a few Singapore Slings on the rooftop of Straits of Malaya.  There must have been at least five mosquitos suckling on my exposed limbs at all times throughout the evening, because now my legs resemble the inside of an active volcano and I can’t stop scratching them, like a crack addict.

3. I received the following e-mail in response to one of my “Struggling Middle Class” articles:

Dear sir,

I don’t know why I would do anything to help a Journalist from a company who panders to the beck and call of a communist leader bent on destroying America and it’s sovereignty.

Let me give you the short version.  I’m a piping designer that has been doing this work for 19 years.  In  2008 I was making $57 an hour and in 2009 in Texas, I got laid off for 9 months, then got a job in Phoenix Arizona for $34 an hours.  Most people wouldn’t complain but I don’t see this situation getting better.  I was on my way up and this stagnate economy along with more government involvement as well as regulation is overwhelming the middle class.  There is no incentive to start a new business and this commy bastard only wants to create government jobs.  Some idiots think that working for the gov. is the best way to get the long term benefits as well as an EASY kick back job with little oversight.  They are right! Those are the idiots that expect the government to help “get them by”…

That is not my idea of the American dream!

I am 33 have 3 boys and plan on having more as long as having children pisses off liberals.  The longer this president is in office the further I slide right.  Government funded abortions, Government takeover of private banking, healthcare, and industry (auto), it is unbelievable!  not to mention if you follow the trends the only people getting raises are government!


It’s call Socialism, Marxism, Communism. Whatever ism you choose this shit sucks and you know if history repeats itself and it always does it is the beginning of the end for America.  You JERKOFFS at huffpo don’t help!

I don’t expect a response but feel free if you want another ear full!

Thank you,


I love that Britt took the time to write me that nice, lengthy email when he could have just written “Hey! F*ck you! Write a story about me!” and had the same general effect.

Britt, if you’re reading this, please stop having children.




8 responses

8 04 2010

Wow, Britt…you really need some help. I don’t know where to tell you to start. Maybe you could check with your insurance company to see if they cover frontal lobotomies. And yes, I agree with LB. Please stop having children.

8 04 2010
Edward Dandyhands

Sound like Britt needs a hug and some s’mores… white chocolate of course…

8 04 2010

That explains why my butt itches!

8 04 2010

Wait a minute. What red blooded middle class American would be named ‘Britt’? With 2 t’s no less. Unless he’s an east coast, blue blood effete transplant. I’d fire him just for having that name.

Secondly, this guy ‘Britt’ has been designing pipe since he was 14 years old?
Yeah right. Laying pipe perhaps if he’s got 3 kids.

Third…the guy needs to re-read some history books because if history repeats itself, I don’t recall the U.S. of A having collapsed before under Communism.

Strangely, the chicken little constituency clucking around about the end of America say the same things every time a non-Republican is elected president. So maybe that’s what he meant by history repeating itself. He meant the hysteria of the far-right repeats itself…about every election cycle.

8 04 2010

I think Britt might be a girl…short for Brittany, maybe?

8 04 2010

Awesome call on him beginning his career at 14 years old. hahaha. I am amused that he is “sliding to the right” while Obama is in office when he clearly is firmly right-wing. Only a crazy right-wing person would plan on having more babies after being fired because of his burning desire to piss liberals off.

Government employees actually tend to get paid less than the private sector. The benefit is that you are protected in a recession. It is a stupid point to say that there are “more federally employed people making 6 figures” because almost all salaries increase over time. Is he actually trying to accuse government workers as being fat cats? That is like saying that a public school teacher is in it for the money.

8 04 2010

chick little constituency–hahahahaha

rambler–ever try heat on something that itches? hold the bites under as hot of water as you can stand for a few seconds 2-5ish. this will rapidly release most/all of the histamine in the bites which is the hormone (or something) in your body that makes the itching. this give me a couple hours of relief, better than any cream or scratching.

until this puppy becomes available to the general public:

9 04 2010

Eureka! Geof! That explains why I always found so much relief in scratching my ant bites and then scalding them under a hair dryer. Complete itch removal. Wow. My life has been turned upside down.

And yes, the next round is on me as long as Britt ends up with a Drain-O martini.

Ahh. Death to pipe “designer” by pipe cleaner. Sweet irony.

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