You Are Entering The Twilight Zone.

12 04 2010

So I had a real 2010 moment this weekend that kind of freaked me out.

A couple weeks ago, the bottom of one of the drawers of my crappy IKEA dresser dropped out.  Ever since, I’ve been living partially out of a suitcase in my own room, which is a little ridiculous.  I finally got fed up with this situation on Friday and went online to find a new dresser.  Under the “furniture” section on Craig’s List, I spotted a listing for a solid wood 6-drawer dresser with a dark cherry finish and gold handles, nearly new, $90.  Boom.  So I e-mailed the girl, “I’d like to buy your dresser. When can I come pick it up?”

She got back to me in under 3 minutes.  “Sold– you can come pick it up anytime on Sunday.  Here is my address: xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx.”

I wrote back, “Great, I’ll come around 1pm and bring cash.”  Donezo.

Sunday arrives, I buy a bottled water at the grocery store so that I can use the “cash back” option to pull out $90 in cash sans crippling ATM fee (borderline genius), and I drive out to her place to make the exchange.  As I’m dragging my shiny new real-person dresser down the hall, feeling pretty proud of myself for the ease with which I have executed this business transaction, the lady says, “Oh, by the way.  After we exchanged a few e-mails you made it into my contact list, so I clicked the link on your g-chat status.  I love your blog– I’m totally hooked on it.”

I almost dropped the dresser on my foot.  “What? Whoa, thanks,” I said, running over my recent blog posts in my mind, trying to mentally comb through all the personal details this (lovely) stranger now knows about me.  I mean, I understand that when you write a blog, people you’ve never met are bound to eventually read it.  But I’m rarely in a position where I am standing face to face with someone I’ve never met before, have zero friends in common with and know nothing about at all, who can probably recite the story about my recent embarrassing experience with yoga or my terrible first date.  It was surreal.

So yes, I’m sorry I bored you with that mundane story, but you have to admit– it’s kind of weird how, via this online transaction, I found myself in this random woman’s bedroom purchasing her used dresser and talking to her about what is essentially my online diary.

Have you guys ever had a freaky-deaky new millennium technology moment?




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12 04 2010

every single day and I do all I can to not let 2010 take advantage of me. When I correspond with randoms and then they show up in my gchat area and I do not appreciate their autoarrival there, I delete them from my contact list so I dont have to see them. I am not into this violation of privacy at all. google has been overstepping its bounds lately-that buzz thing being very good example of the online equivalent of date rape. Everything is suddenly the default-oh, did you not want us to autointegrate everything and show everyone who may have ever emailed you everything? why cant gmail ASK if you want that new person off craigslist automatically entered into your chat area? why aren’t consumers consulted first before technology takes liberties? I just downloaded picasa to be able to share pics of a recent trip and all of the sudden this googlechild picasa autocollects every damn picture on my hard drive and starts TAGGING faces for me and wants me to tag them so it can go through all my pictures and tag faces and I makes it more easy to share blah blah no thank you google and your devious plot to sell the government your facial recognition software that you have been perfecting on ususpecting people this entire time. not to mention my paranoia, after the buzz incident, that all my pictures would just get shown to everyone in my ‘contact list’ or friends or coworkers or whatever google’s inadequate oversimplification of a contact typology is. im not even 30 but things are way out of control and google is definitely that weird family friend that tries to kiss you hello and goodbye on the cheeks but will try and slip one in on the lips when he thinks no one is looking.

12 04 2010

bros – i AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK. MISSED YOUR GREAT COMMENTS – and a question for LB – how did you fit a dresser in your car and how did you even lift it ???

12 04 2010

I hired a chip ‘n dale to help me out.

14 04 2010

If I ever ran into you I’d say the same thing as the woman you bought the desk from.

14 04 2010

Aw, shucks! I’m blushing.

16 04 2010
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