Adventures in Puppy Poop

4 05 2010

My (Louisiana) doggies, Bijou and Zoe.

Today, around 9 am, I received the following e-mail from my mother:

“Yesterday morning Bijou pooped a sock…one of Scotty’s.  It came right out of her butt shaped like a poop.  It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.  When I told Becky Smith about it, she said her brother’s dog pooped a ziplock bag, but it only came half-way out so he had to pull it the rest of the way out.”

I was literally taking a sip of my morning coffee at the time that I read this e-mail, but rather than completely gross me out, it actually made me kind of nostalgic for my sweet puppies.  Sure, they kill animals in the yard and drag them in the house.  They climb up on the kitchen table and drink your entire cup of coffee when you’re not looking.  They eat inanimate objects and poop them out in inopportune places.  But look at their little faces!  These kinds of things might deter some folks from wanting a dog, but for me, it only fuels my desire to adopt.

A couple months ago, I received a similar e-mail from my mom, only this one with a picture attached:

Apparently, Zoe had pooped my brother’s initials in the driveway.  Woot!

I think that if you can genuinely delight in the pooping habits of your mom’s pets, then you just might be cut out for dog adoption.

Humane society, here I come!




11 responses

4 05 2010

I think you should skip the humane society and proceed directly to pregnancy.

just kidding.

I also think its funny that a creature that eats socks and poops them out is named bijou. stay classy bijou.

4 05 2010

My dog ate a stick whole. 5 hours, an x-ray and $200 later it was removed from her butt. The vet sent me home with 2 pairs of rubber gloves for the next time it happens….

4 05 2010

I had a feeling dogs could spell, but I’m surprised by the medium. I would have guessed pee.

4 05 2010

I pulled a terd out of my german shepard’s butt after it became lodged halfway. Then another time a little toddler that I was babysitting made a naked escape from the bathtub and managed to leave a tiny poop in a dark corner of my bedroom. Didn’t find it for days. I don’t babysit anymore.

4 05 2010

Quit trying to blame kids for your doody accidents.

4 05 2010
slab pie

“It came right out of her butt shaped like a poop. ” HAHAHAHAHAHA This made me choke on my apple!!!! I need to meet your mom.

Also those pups are adorable!!!

Lastly, my cat has missed the litter box twice in the past week (when she turns around, she sometimes forgets that she is fat and her butt is sticking out of the entrance) and I had to pick up her poops, only to find that she had eaten a piece of my hair, which connected several of the poops together. Amazing.

4 05 2010

Hahaha- Slab Pie, I realize that I posted an actual picture of dog poop, but those visual details you just put in my brain are completely disgusting. Thank you for sharing.

4 05 2010

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7 05 2010

There are several ways to relieve a body of stomach distress. If you are a human and have hands with long fingers, you can put your finger down your throat and up it comes – but if you are a dog, your paws do not have the ability to do as humans do so you have to eat a sock and it will send the disturbance out of your stomach and out the rear end and as in Bijous case, along with the offending lizards.
Use finger or sock
To rid stomachs disturbance
Puke it or Poop it.

7 05 2010

VJane, did you just make a poop haiku?

7 05 2010

CB – surely you recognize a haiku when you see one ?? Doesn’t poopoo deserve a haiku ????

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