Seriously, what’s up with China?

13 05 2010

They stuff live eels up each other’s butts.  They make rules about how many children you can have, and then manufacture counterfeit condoms.  They launch internet attacks against Google, which is akin to launching a space attack against the Milky Way.  And now they have gone on a kindergartener-stabbing rampage?:

“A spate of deadly stabbings by knife-wielding attackers at primary schools across China has sparked panic and public anger, and also raised uncomfortable questions for the government on the problem of growing social unrest.

On early Wednesday morning, seven school-children, all thought to be under the age of seven, were brutally hacked to death by an assailant armed with a kitchen-cleaver at a kindergarten in northwest Shaanxi province. Two teachers also died in the attack which left 11 children injured.

Wednesday’s attack was, remarkably, the fifth such attack on school students in the past two weeks. On April 23, eight children were killed in a primary school in Fujian province. The attacker, Zheng Minsheng, was reported to have had a history of mental illness. He was sentenced to death and executed on April 28.

The attacks, however, did not stop. On the day of Mr. Zheng’s execution, a recently laid-off teacher ran amok in southern Guangdong, slashing 18 students with a knife. None died. On April 29, another attack unfolded in Jiangsu province, leaving 28 children injured in a kindergarten. And, the following day, a man attacked a primary school in northeastern Shandong, injuring five students before fatally setting himself on fire.

This unprecedented wave of violence targeting school children has shocked a country where children are almost revered. A popular phrase in Chinese refers to children as ‘little emperors’, denoting how fussed over they are in a land where family planning rules limit parents in most cities to having only one child.”

“Chinese men have been stabbing Kindergarteners lately, which is kinda weird, considering that they call them ‘little emperors’ and are only allowed to have one.”  WHAT?! I don’t even know where to start with you people.  Maybe the kid-stabbers are mentally ill because they were called emperors when they were little, and it CONFUSED them.  Maybe they grew up and weren’t treated like emperors anymore, and that really pissed them off, so they took it out on the new generation.  Maybe they’re pissed because their wives keep getting forced to abort their second and third babies.  Maybe the men have a lot of pent-up energy and aggression because the Chinese government has censored all the porn off the internet.

I’m not really sure what exactly the problem is, but HELLO CHINESE GOVERNMENT! Your people are going APESHIT!  For God’s sake, don’t sit around scratching your beards and wondering why a bunch of random weirdos keep stabbing small children in your country; DO something.  Get a big, China-sized mirror, take a good hard look at yourselves and all your dumbass rules in it, and figure out how to take care of your people!




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23 05 2010

FWIW the Chinese are looking at america and saying the same thing although your problems are massive oil spills and not enough organization to fix it, massive debt, terrible economy, unemployment, a couple of wars where you keep acidentily killing the locals, a financial and corporate environment you can’t control and a political environment that is paralized by partisanship.

they comfort themselves with the great confidence that their system will overrun yours in about 30 years. bad news is, they are correct.

oh well…

23 05 2010

a little defensive there, huh GNZ? We know we have problems here. We’d have to have our heads up our asses not to. We poke fun at ourselves too. Sorry you felt offended.

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