101 Uses for Your Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

18 05 2010

Use #17: An Icepack

I really like this: Some guy’s wife left him, and as she was moving out of the house, she packed up all her belongings except for the wedding dress.

“Don’t you want your wedding dress?” he asked her.

“No,” she replied.

“Well what am I supposed to do with it?” he said.

“Whatever the f*ck you want,” she replied.

So he started a blog to document the 101 practical ways he plans to use his ex-wife’s wedding dress, including as a pasta strainer, a scarecrow, a homeless blanket, a sporting event banner, and a plug for the hole in the Gulf.  Well, I think it’s ingenius.


The blog has caught fire (I saw it on Jezebel this morning), and there’s some buzz about this guy getting a book deal.  His ex-wife is probably fuming, which only makes the whole thing sweeter for him.

Let’s be honest: If he actually plugs up the hole in the Gulf with his ex-wife’s wedding dress, I’LL marry him.




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