Aaaaand I’m Back!

2 06 2010

New house!

Sorry for the hiatus folks.  It was moving weekend, and it was painful.

The interesting thing about moving is that it forces you to take inventory of your life.  You literally have to put your hands on everything you own and decide whether it continues to be an integral or even mildly useful part of your existence.  Most of it doesn’t– but then you have to deal with the emotional attachment to it and/or hypothetical “What if I need this in the future?” justification for keeping it.

After 3 years in my previous house, I am astounded by the sheer volume of crap I acquired.  Do I really need that purple paper maché piggy bank?  Yes! It reminds me of my trip to Brazil! What about these fleur-de-lis book ends?  Will I ever use them?  Yes, they bring a little touch of Louisiana flavor to my bookshelves!  How about this painting that my friend made me for my birthday when I was 15?  This skinny black belt that would probably look better on just about anyone else than it would on me?  My old Anthropologie quilt that I don’t use anymore but sometimes use as a guest blanket?

Bros pointed out in the comment section the other day that I am an emotional hoarder, but I think it might go a little further than that.  It took me 13 straight hours on Monday to move my room into the new house, and I had three extra sets of hands.  By 11 pm, I was lying on the carpet in my old room between a pile of records and a suitcase full of picture frames, aching from head to toe, smelling like agony and armpits, imagining myself waving a little pathetic white flag like they do in cartoons.  I surrender!  Just carry me to my new house and burn the rest of my crap!

But when you finally get it all done, and you’re sitting in your new, clean room unpacking boxes and hanging pictures, it always feels like a fresh start.  A new bathroom means that maybe this year, you are going to remember to floss every day.  A new kitchen means a new opportunity to use the oven more and the microwave less.  New roommates mean the probability that you will not find them sleeping in their underwear on the couch every night.  And that, my friends, is enough for me.




4 responses

2 06 2010

Great new house. Hope you get Max to complete the fresh start.

2 06 2010

we could never live to together. i love sleeping on the couch in my underwear. congrats though. please let me know when it’s most convenient for you to have me come over and trash the place!

2 06 2010

Love the looks of your new digs…glad you are in!! Whatcha cooking???

3 06 2010

I love the new house. Re: things to keep and not to keep ?? A hurricane Katrina will take care of that. I don’t recommend that course but it does make it easy to start anew. Please LB don’t trash that beautiful new house.

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