Why Does Tom Brady Have a Bowl Cut?

16 06 2010

Tom Brady showed up to the Celtics vs. Lakers game last week looking like a strange cross between Justin Bieber, David Cassidy, and me when I was 4.

I have nothing to say about this haircut, except that I will hereon refer to it as the “Superbowl.”




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16 06 2010

Oooh, someone needs to tell him the 80s are over.

16 06 2010

a 4 year old with a bowl cut would look cute but Tom Brady does not look cute.He looks stupid – like an old man with white hair and a pony tail. I could put that one on my pet peeve list.

16 06 2010

Side questions first before I comment…

Who or what is Justin Beiber?

Why did you have a bowl cut at 4? Were Flowbees a popular tool at the hair salons in small South Louisiana towns? I thought all souther girls had long, flowing hair or pig tails with flowers in them from the time they popped out of the womb.

So I can understand having a bowl cut because you have no choice in the matter and your parents “think” it’s cute when you’re a kid. But no one chooses it because it’s cool. It’s not even ironically cool like a mullet. Tom Brady comes off like a movie cliche of a “special person” with that goofy grin on his face and swept bowl cut.

I hated my bowl cut hair for the first 12 years of my life until I discovered hair gel and the Flock of Seagulls. I’ve never looked back since.

17 06 2010
DR's mom

My bad, honey. I take full responsibility for your bowl cut when you were four…definitely a fashion faux-pas that seemed cute at the time. Forgive me. Rocky Mt High—you should google Justin Beiber if you really don’t know who he is. He has become iconic among teenage girls. They scream and faint over him at his sold-out concerts. And he’s absolutely an AWFUL singer. Nobody over 15 gets it at all why he’s so popular.

18 06 2010

uh, I kinda like it..

27 10 2010

If you haven’t seen this clip of Justin Beiber making fun of Brady’s hair you’re missing out – for serious! http://fanshots.com/s/FBoi

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