Incredible Dancing Baby

17 06 2010

I was going to write a long, controversial post about a fanatic religious woman who stuffed Bible pages down her baby’s throat and sat on her until she died.  Then I came across this ridiculously entertaining video of a Brazilian baby samba dancing and I forgot what I was going to say.

This toddler has more rhythm in his hips than most white men will have in a lifetime.  And he’s in a DIAPER.  Just sayin’.




4 responses

17 06 2010

that managed to pierce my generally child-disliking shell. He is like one of those robots that has to keep dancing as long as the music is on.

17 06 2010

embarrassing, but he’s a prodigy, right?

17 06 2010

hahahahaha, the best! i want one.

17 06 2010

But he aint’ got nothin’ on my signature dance move DR! i’ll be breakin’ it loose come the October dance party.

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