Goodbye for now, blog.

2 08 2010

Hello Readers,

I am taking an indefinite vacation from this blog to focus on my job and my other writing projects.  Thanks for tuning in and sharing all of your witty, insightful, often inappropriate comments on my posts, and I’ll let you all know when I’m back in full force!




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2 08 2010

2 08 2010


2 08 2010

now I am really sad. I will miss DR and all the comments.

3 08 2010

Aww, you’ll be sadly missed! Come back soon.

5 08 2010

At first I thought you wrote ‘an infinite vacation’. I will respond to that instead. It sounds like a euphemism for death. A particularly American euphemism, because everyone else says holiday. Holiday sounds more relaxing than vacation. Vacation indicates travel, while holiday just means not going to work. So, I’m going to think of this as an indefinite holiday. Good luck with the other projects! I think you can declare this one a success.

5 08 2010

Geof, you’ve been one of my favorite commentors. Perhaps you should keep up the blog in her absence. I would be a fan.

9 08 2010

I would be a fan of Geof too – question – whatever happened to edwarddandyhands – is he on vacation or holiday ???

13 08 2010

I must say, though I’ve never commented on the blog, I have become a huge fan and have spread the message of district ramblings far and wide. I am a phd student and usually take breaks from silly books by reading your far more interesting posts. Thanks for the times.

13 08 2010

Thanks, Eco! That’s great to hear. The blog will be back up soon enough.

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