Blue Valentine

12 01 2011

Last night I dragged one of my favorite man-friends kicking and screaming to see Blue Valentine, an incredibly depressing movie starring Ryan Gosling about the slow, agonizing disintegration of a marriage. Ok, honestly, he was not kicking or screaming, I’m just saying that to protect his dignity.

I felt bad that he had trudged straight from the gym through the snow and sleet to see this movie with me, so I bought his ticket. We sat down in the theatre, and the credits started rolling.

Him (craning his head around): I think I am the only dude in here.

Me:  Yes, but you shouldn’t be discouraged by that.

Him:  Am I supposed to do something if you start crying?

Me: Like what?

Him: I dunno, like, put my arm around you or something?

Me:  No. Stop talking.

Him: If I start crying, will you put your arm around me?

Me:  Are you being serious right now?

Fortunately, the movie started, and the movie ended, and neither of us cried.

But for the record, it was a really brilliant and heartbreaking film, the performances by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams were incredible, and I highly recommend it to everyone [who is not imminently considering or approaching marriage].



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12 01 2011

that’s very funny

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